How do you modify the Map Rules?

  • I'm new to modding TripleA and attempting to modify the mop rules.
    The following rule options appear on the 'Napoleonic Empires FFA 8 Player' map but not the 'World War II Global 1940 Balanced Mod3 with Combat Move First' map series:

    • Naval Bombard Casualties Return Fire

    • Shore Bombardment Per Ground Unit Restricted

    What's the process for adding rules to other maps?

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    Hi Ryan
    Welcome to the site. What you need to do is set the appropriate "gameProperty" to "true".

    <property name="Shore Bombard Per Ground Unit Restricted" value="true" editable="false">

    "Pact of Steel 2" explains how to mod the xml. DL in "Download Maps" when you start up triplea. Then go to your triplea folder and open "downLoaded Maps". Open Pact of Steel and keep opening until you hit "games". Open that and POS2 xml will be there. Make your changes and restart triplea and you should be good to go.

    I'd recommend reading the xml multiple times and always refer to it to really understand how it all works but for what you want to do just set the gameProperty to true.


    To clarify you would make the changes to the map that you're modding obviously. I worded that poorly 🙂

  • beelee, thanks for the info. I need to back up a bit. What is the Pact of Steel 2 file? I couldn't find it in the game files.

    Looking at the reference and example XML:, I found the two properties I want to modify:

    <property name="Shore Bombard Per Ground Unit Restricted" value="true" editable="false">
    <!-- Despite what this one says, it means the opposite.  If true, casualties from naval bombard will get to return fire. -->
    <property name="Naval Bombard Casualties Return Fire" value="true" editable="false">

    So all I need to do is set the edible referce for each to true. The problem is I can't find the file. Which file in the downloaded map .zip file contains with the rules content?

    Apologies, I am very new.

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    @RyansPlace You'll need to unzip the map file then go to "\map\games" directory inside it. There you'll see the various game XMLs for that map. Open the one that corresponds to the game you want to edit then find those 2 properties and change them to editable="true".

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