Hard or Does Nothing AI for unactive players

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    In an unreleased game (so far, at its latest major state, I've only played it once with @Schulz), I've a player (meaning a power) that only takes part in battles, both on offence and on defence, and when it does it on offence is only due to random triggers placing units in hostile territories. Practically, this player has absolutely no decision to make beside selecting casualties, during combat, and it is supposed always to select them by what at the current autoselect (that is, always lowest defence/offence first when defending/offending).

    Should I assign it to "Hard" (defaultType="AI") or to "Does Nothing" (defaultType="DoesNothing") AI, as default, in the game file?

    My preference, actually would be to assign it to exactly the same AI that the disabled or "Neutral" (null) players are assigned to. What is the AI that is controlling "Neutral"? Can I do this or not?

    In practice, my main concern is that, at any point in the future, "Hard AI" might be changed as to select casualties in attack saving best defence on the last round of combat, if the battle zone is exposed enough, while my unactive player should absolutely never take any decisions, also while selecting casualties, but always taking lowest offence first while offending and lowest defence first while defending. How can I best assure that?

    Also, I don't really want players to be able to even select that power, at start game, but I cannot use "isHidden", because I want them to be able to disable it, instead (to skip all the phases of this player and all triggers happening during them, if they so prefer).

    Another concern I have is if I would have "isHidden" true, then will the hidden player remain assigned as default while using the "Set All To" option or not? This behaviour should be documented in pos2. I would actually prefer this power being always ignored whenever using the "Set All To" option, anyways.

    p.s.: I'm also annoyed by the fact that these options are still not supported when hosting games. This is a regression since it was done by having the name starting with "AI", also since that would let players know those are the unplayable players. I don't think new players will easily realize they need to assign that player to an AI, when hosting the game, and this may be confusing.

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