Steampunk 1915

  • Hi All,

    I love this map and mod! However, I am making a few changes:

    1. Making "Merchant Marine" tech add +2 to carriers, subs and dreadnaught
    2. Fixing the fact that Aviatrix can't land on carriers
    3. Adding landships and Land Leviathan to other countries (maybe all?) as I really love the new units

    Questions is there any interest in these changes or others? Interested to hear the community's ideas.

  • @Swampy Go right ahead. Make sure to give a new name like "Steampunk 1915 Swampy".

  • can you change to better unit pictures?
    some of them give me a headache.

  • @Lord-Bevan I was actually thinking about that. The infantry units.. for some reason really bug me. I was thinking about converting these to standard ones (similar to World at War). It takes awhile to fix these. Here is an example of a French Landship. landship.png

  • @RogerCooper

    Hi Roger, what is the process if I want to upload my new game? Is there an article I can read. I will have a new .xml and new units... but the map will be the same.

  • @Swampy said in Steampunk 1915:


    Hi Roger, what is the process if I want to upload my new game? Is there an article I can read. I will have a new .xml and new units... but the map will be the same.

    Submit it the repository and wait. You can send to me an I will post it on my site.

    Note that if you add new units you can't use a reference to another map. You need to have all the map files in your zip file and have the mapname match the name of the zip file.

  • Okay here is where I am with this project:

    Error Correction:

    1. Scotia and Goa were both "0" production, despite having factories. I made these both "2"
    2. Aviatrix unit could not land on carriers, despite manual indicating so.. corrected this.
    3. Alliance could not purchase assasin units (despite being in initial placement).. corrected this.
    4. The "Nautilus-hit" icon did not match the undamaged one... and other two hit units did not have a "hit" unit counterpart.. which I corrected. Okay... I am really tired of airbrushing little smoking fires on all these units!

    Enhancements and/or error correction:

    1. Colonial and Sniper now upgrade to two movement with Mobile Warfare. Kind of pointless is a support unit (sniper) cant keep up with their main unit. Shouldn't a colonial (as elite) be able to upgrade? I think so.
    2. Upgraded "Tesla" cannon to movement 2 with railway gun tech (see above).
    3. I did a bunch of anal retentive corrections like making sure the units for all the nations point in the same direction (left or right). I also tried to correct the "hue" of each of these units so the colors are as close as possible. I am not an artist here.. it is better than before but still not perfect. I also fixed and added a ton of unit icons (mostly lifted and recolorized from other Triplea maps). Some of the icons were exactly the same for each nation.. I tried to add a flag or otherwise differentiate. Capture.JPG
    4. Also made sub, dreadnaught, and carrier upgrade to +4 movement with merchant marine tech.. otherwise you leave half your fleet behind.

    Controversial Changes (maybe):

    1. Okay, I love the concept of this map.. fantastic. However, I hate the cartoonish unit icons for the standard units (i.e. infantry, etc). I tried to strike a balance by using "standard" icons for "regular units" and more decorative ones for special units. I don't want to destroy the "steampunk" feel.. but sometimes less is more.

    Major Changes:
    I went nuts adding a bunch of new units. Sometimes I reused icons (in the unit folder) the original creator never used.. tried to imagine what he or she was thinking:

    1. France: I added landship, land Leviathan and "heat ray tripod" to this country. "Heat ray tripod is a massively expensive unit I created here... 4 hitpoints, 6 offense/Defence" and artillery support for 6 other units.. looks cool and costs 35 points

    2. USA: I added landship, land leviathan, guerilla (a new conscript like cavalry) and dreadnaught (swiped from England)

    3. Alliance: I added a two hit "mecha" unit (looks like imperial walker from star wars), also land leviathan and gave them battleship purchasing rights

    4. Austria: added land leviathan

    5. Turkey: added "bombard" unit.. basically a big, two hit siege gun

    6. Britain: Added "heat ray tripod"

    7. Russia: Added landship and land leviathan units.. also added a cheap suicide unit (Penal battalion) simiar to gas.. but cheaper and not as powerful

    8. Germany: Added a two hit "steam walker" unit... as well as a new relatively cheap and powerful two hit submarine (deutchland) and of course "heat ray tripod" (all major powers should have this!)

    9. Communists: The commies succeeded in stealing the Frankenstein tech from Austria and made their own army of zombie-fied Trotsky soldiers.. similar to the undead qualities of Frankenstein.

    Lastly I made sure every country had light, "regular" and heavy tanks.

    Overall.. I am worried about all these changes with regards to balance. I played a couple games against the AI (not very smart) and is easily defeated. However an experienced player could probably hold their own playing either side. If anyone is interested to try my beta version as described.. let me know. Otherwise I will keep tweaking it. Also to the original creator... sorry if I destroyed your project with my "improvements"!

  • @Swampy How is the project coming.

  • @RogerCooper

    ![The project is going well. I have a very stable version and have done some play throughs with the AI. I am still worried about balance as gas and some of the two hit units may tip the balance one way or the other too much. Nobody seems interested in this, so I have no made any effort to release as a final version, although I feel it is "ready"...

    One super annoying minor problem... I can't figure out. When you go to "unit help" it lists units that don't actually exist in the xml as possible units for purchase. (see example of paratrooper and heat ray tripod) Is this hardcoded somehow? These bugs were present in the original game I modified so not sure what happened. I want to remove these errors from unit help if possible. Otherwise I feel this version is good and I have made many fixes and "upgrades". Let me know what you think!Capture.JPG

  • @RogerCooper Hi Roger, Actual Cernel answered my question for me. I had inadvertently left some of the original authors units in the unit folder. That is why they were appearing in "unit help". I think my version is ready to go.

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