• When I try to host, it shows an IPv6 address for my server address. I have even disabled IPv6 and it still does it. We can not figure out how to connect to my games. Why is it running on my IPv6 address instead of the IPv4?

    Same problem I think hosting online - we can't get another computer to connect to my game. (I do have Port 3300 successfully forwarding)

  • Admin

    I have only seen my friends set up LAN as host. But as I remember, the host does not have to type in his own local IP himself, only the other LAN players. Something like or if it does not work or .3, .4 etc. All players with the same IP typed in.

    I think we found the IP number via the host's windows PC / CMD- prompt / ipconfig.

    But I might remember wrongly.

    Hope someone else might give you better advice 😃

  • Yah, my son and I have the same issue. We can type in my IPv4 address and it still doesn't connect. but when either one of us hosts it it shows the IPv6 address as the server address.

  • @The212Dad Are you getting an address that starts with FE80? If you are take a look at your firewall.

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