Issues with Classic edition 2 Transports

  • I was trying to load one transport with one infantry and one armour. But it wouldn't let me. I could only do 2 infantry or 1 armour. It just showed an x when I tried to add either the infantry to the sea when armour was already there, or when adding armour to the sea when infantry was already there. Anyone else have this issue and is it a bug? Or are there different rules to the classic world war 2 edition 2 map that you can't put both? Thanks...

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    A transport in Classic can load

    • 1 or 2 Infantry or
    • 1 tank or
    • 1 AA Gun
      (Rulebook, page 16)

  • @Panther got it. Thanks. Was just confused cause the tutorial allowed the combo, didn't realize a difference in rules was at play. Thank you for response.

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