User preference to switch off confirmation message boxes

  • In game confirmation message boxes that occur at each phase can become quite annoying, in particular when testing.
    Allowing the player to switch them on/off in game would greatly improve the user experience IMO.

    ex: no Non-Combat Move
    End Move
    <?> Are you sure you don't want to move ?

    The worst offender by far is Politics, because you usually don't want to do anything and you get a Political Actions popup which requires a click to dismiss (vs Esc for the Produce popup in substance look and feel).

    It should be possible to toggle (all or individual) phase confirmations messages.
    x Switch off confirmation message boxes:
    ..x no Politics
    ..x no Repair
    ..x no Production
    ..x no Combat Move
    ..x no Non-Combat Move

    I'm hoping this is low hanging fruit that can be implemented easily enough.

  • Admin

    @butterw Yeah, this has been brought up a few times now and I think this is a good idea. Breaking down the preference by phase seems like a good approach to start.

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