Convoy raiding in Axis and Allies 1940 global

  • Hey guys,

    I typically play this version of the game a lot but have never figured out how to convoy raid or how doing so works in the game. Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you

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    Convoy Disruption reduces the income during the Collect Income Phase of a power, as described in detail on page 24 of the Europe 1940 SE rulebook / page 22/23 of the Pacific 1940 SE rulebook.

    Too much to copy paste here, so what exactly do you need help with?

  • Hey, so what I was referring to was how to activate convoy raiding as how to make it happen. I figured out that it automatically occurs at the collect income phase of an affected country. Thank you anyways!

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    In brief:
    In case at least one warship of a power you are at war with is in a sea zone marked with a Convoy symbol adjacent to one or more of your controlled territories, you are subject to convoy disruption during your Collect Income Phase. This is resolved by special dice rolls per enemy warship and results in IPC-deduction - but is limited by the IPC-values of your adjacent territories.

    The rulebooks have that explained in detail.

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