"Unit Help" Showing units that don't exist as option for nation

  • I am modifying the "Steampunk 1915" map with tons of new units, fixing errors, etc. However, I can't figure this out. When you go to "unit help" it will show units that are not available for purchase (see example of "airborne" and heat ray tripod" below). I cant find these units under the nation in question within the XML file. How do I modify unit help to show only units that can actually be purchased? Capture.JPG

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    All units present both in the game's unit list and in the skin's folders (comprising the main units folder, if you are using 2.0) or the TripleA asset folders, as a second choice, are shown.

    I disagree with this, and believe the program should not go around searching for whatever it can find, but this is what veqryn wanted to (the matter has been discussed in the past).

    So, that may teach you how to fix your issue, even though I believe this should be rather fixed at the engine level (by only showing the units that the player currently has in its production frontier or currently owns or both).

  • Ah yes.. I see the problem. I have a local copy of the xml and "unit" folder for development purposes and I have simply been adding my new units to the existing folder in the actual game. I see the original author of this game did have these two units in the folder. If I move them out.. the problem is solved! Thanks. Also, I agree it would be better to look at production frontier, but minor problem. Thanks for the help. I think my new version is ready to release to the public.

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