Zombie Spawning

  • I am working on a scenario inspired by Axis & Allies & Zombies. In that game, Zombies spawn whenever an infantry unit is killed. Given the current version of TripleA, what is best way I can handle that.

    The closest I can find is the Battle condition

    values: checks if there has been a battle in the territory. Format is "attacker:defender:battleType:rounds:territory1", where attacker, defender, and battleType can all be "any", and rounds can be "currentRound". Territories can be any number of territories, and if more than one territory is listed then if any of them are true, it will return true.  You can also have multiple instances.
    example: <option name="battle" value="any:Japanese:any:2-3:Manchuria"/> or <option name="battle" value="Russians:Japanese:any:currentRound:Manchuria:Jehol:Chahar:Suiyuyan:Kansu"/>

    This is better than nothing but has the following problems

    1. I can't make respond to only infantry
    2. I can't have match the number of infantry killed

    With the new version of TripleA, is there any new conditions that are more suitable?

    The effect I want to achieve is lots of Zombies milling about on the Russian front.

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    @RogerCooper Assuming basic repair rules (v2 like) and that only 1 hitpoints units are interested, have the units, that you want to be "turning", changing to a damaged two hitpoints infrastructure (useless for combat) when hit (thus removed), and have this infrastructure changing to a "zombie" when repaired, then have all interested players conquer any territories in favour of the "Zombies" player (I assume it is going to be enemy of all other players), then use triggers to switch the ownership to them, instead, directly.

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    @Cernel Mind you that, this way, removed attacking units will turn into zombies owned by the attacking player, if you retreat, or owned by the defending player, if you lose the battle without retreating.

    For the losing battle without retreating part, you can have a trigger conquering the territory in favour of the "Zombies" player before the infrastructure unit repairs and, immediately thereafter, another trigger re-establishing ownership without conquering the territory (just check that a battle has happened for the attacker but the territory is owned by an enemy of the attacker, if you have a basic 2 sides scenario).

    For the retreat part, you can hack it by having the intermediate infrastructure unit being a movement 0 air unit (so it won't retreat with the rest and will never move out of it), but I personally strongly disagree on the current behaviour that attacking air infrastructures are conquered (since they are hovering the territory, they should not be influenced by any ownership changes, until after they landed on it, which they never can) (I believe a @Frostion map uses this behaviour for Nuke, if I recall correctly, but I consider this being a case of exploiting a wrong engine behaviour (bug)).

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