Units that may destroy itself

  • Any way adding a percentage to a unit to destoy itself?

  • I think you could do it via triggers in the current version, using the chance option and the removeUnits option. Something like this perhaps (tweaking as necessary):

    <attachment name="triggerAttachment_UnitSep" attachTo="P1" javaClass="TriggerAttachment" type="player">            
      <option name="conditions" value="[Your_Condition_Here]"/>
      <option name="chance" value="2:10"/>
      <option name="when" value="[When_You_Want]"/>
      <option name="removeUnits" value="[Unit_to_Die]" count="1"/>

  • I would need more detail or example XML files.

  • A good example file is the pact of steel repo. Download that map and unzip it, then just open up the xml its full of comments about every option available.

    Or just click here.

    Another good example is the Warcraft_war_heroes beta from Frostion. Although he uses the chance option for fishing you can modify it for whatever.

    I might be more help if you want to post some code I can look at?

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