Download of new 2.0 version buggered me up

  • Tried to download the new 2.0 TripleA version and somethings gone wrong I now can not get it to work and my old 1.9 version is buggered to - I wanted both versions on my system to be able to finish old game saves but also get to lobby talk to others and start new games.

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    @bluelionman They may give issues if opened one after the other. Just be sure not to open one version until after you have closed the other one.

    If this doesn't solve your problem, be sure to make a problem report (not in this forum).

    By the way, you should upgrade 2.0 to 2.1.

  • @bluelionman

    Try a redo. The current stable should go in your triplea folder and then make a 13066 one for the 1.9
    I can have both versions open at once but I'm on linux so maybe it's a window thing ?

  • Thanks guys I found a way round reinstalled 1.9 and when I said 2.0 I meant 2.1 - just I thought it was 2.0 as last one I had was 1.9

    I now have 1.8 on my E drive, 1.9 on my C drive and 2.1 in a completely new path in my programmes folder and then created a shortcut - as it didn't do one automatically and all seem to load fine.

    So got there in the end. Only use the older ones for game saves so many people start a game and never finish some of mine go back years hence still keeping 1.8 and hoping over time find them players again and finish.

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    @bluelionman You don't need to go for different drives. You can just change the name of the main folder (from "TripleA" to something else).

    Of course, the way you are doing it works too.

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