Bunker, 1 round battle, stalemate, offense participation next round

  • Couldnt get title in one real sentence, so here is my problem, if its a problem at all. But its wierd.
    Here is my point (Battle Rounds = 1):

    If i will get attacked and i have a Bunker, and the enemy doesnt win and my bunker and eventually other surviving units still present after the stalemate, then i am the attacker the next round if i dont pull out all existing units, which leads to that my Bunker will participate as a unit with 0 Attack BUT with repairable 2HP and free to choose as casualty.
    That makes a Bunker a very potent (counter) attack unit, in that specific case, even if it has 0 attack and movement.
    Technically that Bunker can eventually be on attack after beeing attacked and stalemate, but its still in his original territory.

    Is there any idea how to solve this other than setting 2 battle rounds instead of 1 i guess? Because i think that if i set 2 battle rounds then the enemy AI does get the chance to withdraw, which is not the case in a 1 round battle. Am i right?
    Anyone with a similar problem?

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    If you don't want units being able to attack, give them the "canNotMoveDuringCombatMove" option set true.

  • @Cernel
    I have done that. But now i want it to attack but only with a truck, so it should not go anywhere without a truck.
    If that is not possible, then i guess i set it to movement 1 then. Like arty.

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    @TorpedoA You want a bunker to attack only with a truck?

  • @Cernel sorry, got it totally wrong
    bad day

  • @Cernel
    ok then, does that mean that with option cannotattackduringmovement, the bunker would not participate at all yes? That is quite dumb of me not to have guessed that. It seams 3 hours of sleep is not good for my brain.

  • @Cernel
    so, although my bunker doesnt move, its considered attackduringmovement if he just is on the offensive side

    thanks alot

  • @Cernel
    well, sorry again, i just realized that i already have a similar unit to a bunker with CannotMoveduringCombat already, and this unit will show up at the battle window and can be chosen as casualty even if its on attack side. By attack side i mean after being attacked and stalemate and THEN being the attacker in my own territory.

    <attachment name="unitAttachment" attachTo="FieldFort" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitAttachment" type="unitType">
    <option name="attack" value="0"/>
    <option name="defense" value="3"/>
    <option name="movement" value="1"/>
    <option name="transportCost" value="3"/>
    <option name="isConstruction" value="true"/>
    <option name="isLandTransportable" value="true"/>
    <option name="constructionType" value="FieldFort"/>
    <option name="canNotMoveDuringCombatMove" value="true"/>
    <option name="maxConstructionsPerTypePerTerr" value="10"/>
    <option name="constructionsPerTerrPerTypePerTurn" value="1"/>

    One difference is that bunker has 0 movement while above unit has movement = 1, but that doesnt seem to matter. Because both show up if i am on the (counter) attacking side in my own territory after stalemate even though FieldFort unit got cannotmoveduringcombat already.
    Either i am too dumb and sleepy, or there is something else?

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    @TorpedoA Sorry, nevermind. I haven't tested it and remembered "canNotMoveDuringCombatMove" units would never attack, but, apparently, they do. In this case, I think there is not a clean way to have non-attacking units. However, this issue might be tracking the problem (which might be a regression):

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