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  • Hi

    I would like some advise on the best approach to add a simple feature to my map which is a modification of the classic map.

    I want to asign a random technology to players at the begining of the game, in order to increase variation between games. Its a house rule we have that I’m trying to transfer to tripleA.

    I have figured out that it should be possible to use triggers and chance in some way to imitate what happens when a players succeeds in tech research. It just seems like a very complicated way of doing it, since what I want to do is allready a function of the game.

    Is there some way to create a tech research success with a trigger, and then let the engine asign the technology as it does normally in techActivation?

    I hope my question makes sense:)

  • Yes. If you use the WW2V3 tech model, just start each player with a large number of tech tokens. They will get a tech advance on turn 1, and a tech advance resets the tokens to 0. No triggers are needed.

    WWIIv3 1941 Free Tech uses this technique.

  • Thanks a lot @RogerCooper. That does, what I want to do, in a very simple code. The only difference is that the tech development isn't known in turn 1. For instance the British don't know if the japanese might have long range aircraft and, thus, be able to make a full fledge attack on India i turn 1. But I can live with that when the alternative is to spend hours and hours trying to make triggers to more or less the same thing:)

    For other people who want to do this:

    In ressources you add this after PUs:

    <resource name="techTokens"/>

    In ressourceInitialize you add this after the PUs for each player

    <resourceGiven player="xxxx" resource="techTokens" quantity="60"/>

    In properties you add this:

    <property name="WW2V3 Tech Model" value="true" editable="false">

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