First stab at 2.0 AI

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    @redrum i was freeballing things a bit but germany managed to get moscow a lot earlier than i was expecting it to be a problem. again playing fairly loose (and a little drunk) but yeah seems like an improvement. 🙂


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    @redrum so here's stab #3 AI got moscow again in stab #2. 😛 this is v3 btw figuring that the most advanced version of the game that AI can play effectively. playing as allies with no bid maybe i should started as axis but i wanted to see the AI's initiative and figured giving some kind of handicap to AI was probably warranted.

    noticed that the AI is definitely stronger than before but still seems to have some weakness in the area of protecting transports.

    i know we've discussed it before but seems like there must be some way to prevent AI from spending all it can on facility repairs as well makes the AI very susceptible to strat bombing.


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