does anyone know of a working placement picker?

  • looking for a working placement picker the in engine one keeps freezing and 10 15 doesnt not want to work for me

  • Admin

    You should use the tool in the TripleA program. It works pretty well. But you will need to have an all black and white map image PNG, as well as your map’s polygons.txt file. When you got these two files ready, you can make a new placement file.

    Do like this:
    Open TripleA
    Press Engine preferences
    Press Run the Map Creator
    Press Step 2: Map Utilities
    Press Run the Placement picker
    Read the text (or maybe take a screenshot so you remember all the instructions) and press OK
    Follow the instructions.

    Tips1: Remember to save your placement work often. You can always save your work, close down the program and hold a break, and then return to your placement work later by loading the placement file.

    Tip2: You can play around with the three settings in the “Edit” menu of the window. At one point these options lead to errors and program freezing, but I don’t know if this is still the case. If you encounter an error that freezes the work you are doing, just don’t do the exact same thing again. Trial and error 😉

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