negative PUs?

  • In WWII some countries have been "neutral".

    But, however, we all know that e.g. Axis troops are tolerated in countries like Spain or Vishy France as well as Allied troops in Sweden or Ireland.

    The gameplay has made these countries impassable.

    What if they made passable but with negative PUs?
    this would mean, you enter those countries, control them but at the end of the round you get negative PUs for it which is indirectly a fee for entering them.

    Are negative PUs an option or impossible?

    Would it alternatively be possible to program that a player that enters such a special country has to pay a fee immediately, which means you have to save some IPC to do that?

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    @Numetalfan yea you can have negative PUs but I think you need to end your turn or have a battle in the TTy so it knows you were there. May be another way to do it, idk

    You can DOW on a country cost PUs, but that'd only work one time. So idk how you'd pay first other than that. Wouldn't be surprised if there's a way to do it though.

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    Is it possible to have negative PUs for a national objective (in effect you are giving back some of the PUs which simulates the diplomatic/political costs of violating that country's neutrality)? Or you could receive some PUs if the other side enters a country in your "sphere of influence", for example, Germany receives some PUs if there are Allied units in Spain.

  • Hi,

    the thought with a "negative" NO is very interesting, I will consider it
    It is problably the easiest solution - good idea!

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