AI can "see" further

  • I would like an AI Distance Property, so the AI can "see" further.

    Lets say the current distance of AI processing is 3 territories
    If we could have a Property, so that map makers/tinkers could change it, then lots of players could experiment and give feedback;

    • to see how much the processing time is impacted
    • it might solve some of our current AI issues by increasing the distance.

    Hopefully this would not change the logic of the AI and would just substitute a variable for hard coding.

    It's probably not as simple as I have suggested, but you get the idea 😛

  • I am not an expert on the AI but I don't think there is a horizon. Absent local objectives (that can be hit this turn), the AI will proceed towards the nearest enemy-held capital, regardless of distance. I have used this attraction towards capitals in scenario design, just to get the AI to go in a specific direction.

  • In the mid to late game, if the nearest enemy to the AI is say 4+ territories away, the AI still over stacks its units in its Factories and does not send reinforcements out to the front line.

    Ideally there should be a steady stream of units to the battle front, but this does not happen.

    This happens frequently on the Warcraft map and some other maps where the battle line is far from the factories.

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