How to Balance Map?

  • I think I'm mostly done my map, and I'm trying to balance it.
    I've done some human vs AI games, and made some adjustments.
    I also tried to get some balancing done with AI vs AI but America keeps buying 14+ transports and the Axis wins and I've not convinced it's because Axis are favors.

  • Axis AI is more skilled than Allies AI. Its impossible to achieve balance with AI games unfortunately.

  • @Mas-N probably best just to play against yourself. Determine the main strategies and see if you can consistently win or lose with them. Having other human players would be nice for seeing things you miss.

    You could also try using Low Luck. At least for the early rounds and key battles. I don't have the brain power for it, so I don't like it. I prefer more randomness, but it can be helpful for crunching out odds/numbers.

    Basically just have to playtest a lot using different strategies and constantly update the more info you get.

    What game is it again ?

  • @beelee
    The map is a mod I made of ww2v4. There's a lot less IPCs (only 120 on the whole map, and income is calculated before combat)
    Is there any place I could upload the zip and get feedback from more experienced players than myself?

  • Germany becomes more vulnerable to strategic bombing with less incomes. Need to transfer more Japanese incomes to Germany or enabling intercept.

  • @Mas-N said in How to Balance Map?:

    Is there any place I could upload the zip and get feedback from more experienced players than myself?

    yea you can do it here or better yet open a new topic with the name of your mod. That way you can have all the map specific questions in one spot, do your updates etc...

  • @beelee I tried making a new thread to upload the zip, but it says maximum allowed file size is 4096, please upload a smaller file. Where do I upload?

  • @Mas-N so if the map is playable and you just want feedback on balance, you should upload it to triplea under experimental. You can then make adjustments for future versions as needed.

    Here's Frostion's guide.

    If you're not familiar with git, it might take a bit to figure out. Ask if you have any trouble.

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