Map Requirements & Guidelines for Official Upload

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    This post is to describe which map rules & guidelines need to be followed to be eligible for upload to the official map repositories.

    Original Content Creation and/or Used with Acceptable Rights

    • All work in the map must be an original creation of the map author(s), or must be granted to the map author(s), or must be a creative common license (or any similar license), or sourced from TripleA material.

    All Content Rights May And Are Granted to TripleA and Community

    • When uploading to TripleA, content usage rights are granted to TripleA and all content rights are being granted to future map creators.
    • All content used in the map must be the sole ownership of the creator or distributed under rights that allow the map creator to transfer usage rights to TripleA and community.

    No TradeMarks

    • No trademarks may appear in any map in any form. This includes logo's and trademarked terms

    Hate Symbol Policy

    • Generally, all hate symbols are strictly prohibited
    • Swastikas specifically may not appear in any form on any map, flag, unit image, etc. No exceptions.
    • Notable exception: the confederate battle flag of the American Civil War may be used in historical contexts, specifically American Civil War maps. The confederate battle flag may not be used in any other context, including what-if style scenarios that take place outside of the civil war time period.

    Special Care to avoid Axis And Allies Trademarked or Copyrighted Content

    TripleA is a rules engine that allows map makers to draw their own maps and play Axis and Allies style rules on those maps. Maps must be custom creations, maps that you have drawn and wish to share. TripleA is not a platform for replicating the latest A&A board game and playing it online. Emphatically, it is a platform where you can draw maps, build custom scenarios you think are interesting, and a place where you can share these creations and your joy for Axis and Allies style grand strategy games.


    • all maps must be custom drawn
    • maps may not be a 'trace' of an existing board game
    • maps must have a unique look compared to any existing A&A board game
    • maps may not share the same territory graph as any existing A&A board game
    • maps may not contain an identical set of territory names as any existing A&A board game

    Grandfather Clause

    Some existing repository maps may not meet the special care guidelines above. Until further notice these maps are grandfathered in and may not be used as the basis for future maps.

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