Steampunk 1915

  • Hi all. This map looks intriguing. Has anyone played it recently? Any tips please?

    In particular, the Germans in Mexico can't get out without killing Mexicans. There seems to be a "no neutral flyover" rule embedded. I expect the Germans may march north towards the US border. But if they prefer to head to the caribbean or south america, what would be a natural route please?

  • Hey, is it deliberate that the Martians and Pirates are each Allied to the Communists (but not allied to each other)?

  • BTW, there's a factory in India with nil production. Is that deliberate? Also, there are 2 adjacent in canada that you can't move between.

    Loving the map though. Lots of fun and interesting dynamics.

  • @mattbarnes

    Hi Matt, I have tried to contact the original author of this map to no avail. The issues you mention are indeed bizarre and I think they are mistakes. I made a new version of this game (with new units) called Steampunk Advanced... I fixed some of these issues in my version (the 0 production factory), but some still remain. I can tell you that I have a new non-released version that fixes all the connection issues (including those in Canada you mention). I should be releasing this soon. I will also consider updating the other issues you mention (strange alliances). This map has alot of potential.

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