• dear developers... I am busy with a fusion map with Fuel use/Oil production, Terrain Types, and seasonal winter as terrain type. (Under the name WW2: OIL & SNOW ) In order to make strategic descisons it is nice to know what impact diverse terrain types have on a units performance.... for as now it seems the tooltip only shows Oil-usage and Movement.... Would it be easy to implement also adapted Attack/Defend/Movement values ( so terrain impact added) when hoovering over territories? For now I made small info panels in the bottom line behind terrain pics but that space is far too small for a good display
    Terrain effects 2.png
    Besides I personally think the layout of the tooltip (white) is a bit rough for me : could it maybe be greyish like rest of games panel... and I can imagine colours for:
    Attack: Red Defend: Green Movement: Blue: Fuel usage: Black or white.... Just a thought....... Thanks a lot... WW2 OIL & SNOW will be shared soon...

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