Help with revised AA

  • I used to be pretty good at the AA revised board game. In fact, I was the king of my dining room table. I would be keen to play online but I`m a computer klutz. If I could find a few gamers who want to beat an old man and someone would take the time to help me set up this triplea junk I would consider giving a few games just for old times sake.

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    The current stable TripleA Engine is located here.

    If you are using windows on a recent/decent computer (less than 6 years old) you probably want the 64 bit install. Lets us know if it gives you any problems . Good Luck Have Fun!

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    @mrblackwell This page is outdated, but it should be still enough to get you started (not everything is anymore like in the videos; in particular, now TripleA has no maps to start with):

    My suggestion, once you installed TripleA, is to try it first a few times against the AI:

    1. Click on "Download Maps" and download "World War II Revised" in "High Quality".
    2. Click on "Start Local Game".
    3. Select "Fast AI" in "Type" for any player "Name" you don't want to play yourself.

    Also maybe check out "The Pact of Steel" in "Download Maps"; it's a rework of Revised, community made.