Improve the default casualty selection of the last combat round

  • Admin

    Right now, the default casualty selection in every round seems be based on the engine wanting to give the player the optimal win chance / attack strength for the next combat round in the same battle, and default casualties are therefore the weak attackers.

    Mostly the default casualty selection makes sense. (mostly!)

    But when it comes to the last combat round as a winner, when one can see that it’s a win, then it makes no sense to pick according to the default selection and keep the best attackers. I would suggest the default selection be based on the remaining units purchase price or something else.

    Has this ever been mentioned as an issue at GitHub?

  • Admin

    @frostion Yeah, this has come up before and is probably a good idea. I think the AI actually already does this (you might want to test that out) so it would probably be pretty easy to add the same logic to default selection provided to the player.

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