Spring 1942 Ladder Rules

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    Re: Spring 42 League Rules
    Here are some additional guidelines to govern PBEM games as well as edits--they are taken from the 41/42 Ladder.

    1. PBEM Dice Server

    A 3rd party dice server (such as MARTI at http://dice.tripleawarclub.org) is used to keep honest people honest. However, there are occasions where computers lock up during a dice roll or a player forgets to turn off their firewall prior to making their dice rolls preventing results from reaching the TripleA game. In these cases the following will apply:

    * The FIRST time/date stamp result from MARTI is the official roll in case of duplicate rolls.
    * Battles resolved prior to the lockup (if the game was not saved after these battles) should be re-rolled in local so that the net result is the same as the original result.
    * In cases where the lockup occurred during a battle, the opponent can choose to have a neutral player (administrator) roll the dice or allow the player whose computer locked up to re-roll the dice using MARTI. But it is the opposing player's choice.
    1. Order of Losses (OOL) Protocol

    It is expected that in certain types of battles, an order of losses (OOL) is requested unless both players agree beforehand on something different. These battles include:

    * Defending multi-national forces
    * Defending land units where a bomber is present
    * Defending subs when enemy naval units are present
    * Defending naval units if more than one type is present

    If there is any doubt outside a typical battle, ensure you get an OOL from your opponent before beginning the battle!

    Here is some more on OOL protocol:

    * You MUST ask the defender for an OOL prior to rolling any dice,but after combat movement is completed, if it is a situation that calls for an OOL.
    * Since combat movement is completed, obviously you MUST go through at least one round of the attack once an OOL has been given.
    * The OOL is because normally you would sit at same table and during attack the other player would be there to remove units...for example: if you're goal is to kill a transport of the other guy, and then ask for an OOL and he decides he will keep it at all costs knowing eventually he will win out, then the attacker can not then decide he won't attack at all.

    The best way to ensure there is no issue here: set up and finish all your combat moves and then send the file back to your opponent and add OOL at the end of the game file and in the e-mail ask for his OOL. Then once they reply, you can begin the combat.

    1. Edit Mode (and Editing)

    3a: PBEM Games

    Editing in PBEM games is not as forgiving as live games. In PBEM games, players have the opportunity to practice their moves as many times as they would like. And it also gives players the opportunity to save between movement phases for further testing. With that said, editing in PBEM games are limited to; fixing game bugs (such as correct carrier movement) and fixing entirely missed placements (we want competitive games).

    For example, let us run through a PBEM turn quickly. Once you receive a game file, if you were to miss purchasing, you can simply reload the game file and purchase again, so editing is not needed.

    For your combat move, you can run it in local mode as many times as you wish, so your move is final once PBEM dice combat rolls are made. For non-combat, once again you can have practiced this already. Furthermore, once combat is done, you could even make a save file right then. That way, if you press "Done" too quickly during non-combat movement, you can reload the save and fix it. This save file will also help if you forget to place while accidentally clicking past "Are you sure you don't want to place units" message. You can reload the save, redo NCM and then place again. Again, this highlights the importance of making saves during move stages, and practicing your turns.

    3b: Lobby League Games

    Given the popularity of the online game lobby, live league games are becoming more common place. Editing rules are going to be fairly similar to PBEM games.

      If you completely forget to purchase, an edit should be allowed. There is no opportunity here to reload the save game like PBEM. We want real competitive ladder matches.
      What if you click done in the middle of purchase? (this happens when you close the buy window and look at the board, then click Done accidentally instead of buy again.) If you had 30ipc and you bought 1 tank, an edit should be allowed. If you had 30ipc and you spent 28ipc worth, an edit should is the discretion of your opponent. Disputes can be solved by contacting the administrators.
      No matter what purchase edits you ask for (if they are warranted or not), they MUST be completed BEFORE you roll any combat, and should happen BEFORE you move ANY pieces on the board! If you start moving things around and decide to modify your buy, an edit is not guaranteed.

    Combat Move and Non-Combat Move

      The ladder is about competitive games. It is the responsibility of players to review the board before they press Done on each combat phase. By accepting a live ladder game, you are denying yourself the move-practicing opportunities in a PBEM game. Major strategical errors should generally be allowed an edit. An example would be protecting a capital by 1 infantry that blocks a tank column. Remember it is your responsibility to review the board, not your opponents responsibility to allow you an edit, do NOT expect minor edits to be allowed. Players MUST decide what level of editing they will allow before the game begins.
      Problems and arguments revolving editing can be submitted to the admins for review IF a decision cannot be reached by the two players involved in the live game. The admins will use their best judgment to decide. The admins WILL weigh their decision on competitive game play. The admins are admins because of their experience and good attitude in our community.
      If you forget to place and click done through placement phase, AND you miss the dialogue window, placement edit fixes are allowed. Remember we want competitive games.
      If you have placed in the wrong spot, this needs to not only be declared instantly, are subject to similar rules as the Combat Move and Non-Combat Move section.

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    2011 TripleAWarClub V4 (Spring 42) Provisional (Draft) League Rules.

    1 - Anyone can join at anytime. All that is required is that you be registered here (at TripleA War Club). Then start finding games and posting results!

    2 - You may play anyone in the league, but only a max of 6 games per opponent will count in the standings.

    3 - You must play at least 10 games against 5 different opponents to be eligible for the playoffs. If there is a lot of activity in the league, then the minimum may be bumped to 15 games.

    4 - Game & rule default – V4, dice. Low luck is allowed if both players agree. TripleA is the default software, but other map programs can be used if both players agree. Optional rules are allowed if both players agree.

    4a – Victory Cities (VC) – If one side reaches 9 Vcs at the end of the USA turn, then that side is declared the winner. Otherwise, the game continues until someone concedes.

    4b - Bidding – To ensure sides are determined fairly, we will use bidding. You will be bidding for the Axis. Bidding will be done auction style. Example

    I bid 5 for Axis; I bid 4 for Axis
    I bid 2 for Axis: I bid 0 for Axis
    I bid -2 for Axis; Yours

    If the bid is negative, then it is effectively an Allied bid, and the Allied player chooses which power receives the bid.

    For PBEM games, bidding should be done by PM or email prior to the game start.

    5 – Time Limits-- for PBEM games, a minimum of 2 moves per week are required. However, we ask that you complete at least 4 moves per week as a courtesy to your opponent. For PBEM games, if a turn is not received within 1 week of either the previous turn post or the end of a predetermined "pause" or break period, then the player failing to post may be declared in default and lose the game.

    6 - You must have completed a game within 60 days (by Oct. 1) of the end of the season to be eligible to win or advance to the playoffs.

    7 - Players are responsible to post results (in result thread). Post winner and loser.

    8-PBEM Rules. We will be using the same rules to govern PBEM games as in the 41/42 Ladder. They will be posted in the next post of this thread.

    9a - The Regular Season will end on Dec. 1 and the standings will then be posted. Games must be completed prior to this date in order to be counted for the 2011 season.

    9b - Any games in progress that are completed after this date will be eligible to count for the next league (2012) assuming league rules remain the same or are similar.

    9c – 2011 Playoffs begin Dec. 2. The playoff will be a 4 person single elimination playoff. The 4 players with the highest win % that have completed at least 12 games will qualify for the play-off.

    10 - Scoring/Playoffs
    The top four players, with the best winning percentages (Must complete at least 12 games) will advance to the playoffs.
    If there is a tie between any players then the tie will be broken by:
    1 - head to head play
    2 - Total wins
    3 – strength of schedule – Player Z’s opponents winning percentage was 80%, Player A’s opponents winning percentage was 20%. Player Z advances.

    1. Edits. Edits are allowed at the discretion of one's opponent. For more on what kind of edits should be allowed, please refer to the guidelines in the post below.

    2. Arbitration. For conflict arbitration, pm a moderator, and we will do our best to assist you. If a conflict warrants it, a panel of 3 arbitrators will be appointed by the moderation team to adjudicate a dispute.

    3. When TripleA War Club develops a ladder or official ratings system for Spring 42 (v4), we hope to integrate the results of league games into the ladder database.

    League Moderators
    Granada and Zhukov4...pm me if you'd like to be a mod.

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