Greyhawk Wars Bugs

  • I really love this scenario, but boyohboy, it has more bugs than the Grandwood has orcs! Any chance this will be tightened up anytime soon?


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    You could try to ask Panguitch, the map maker, if he is still working on the map. I hope he does. Hes original map thread is here:;cid=1506923817998-613

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    I just updated the link to directly go to the old map thread.

  • @gloriousbattle Yes, I really pushed some boundaries in making Greyhawk Wars and there are some quirks and bugs as a result. But they're mostly minor and don't keep the map from working.

    :( Except that it's unplayable in the current TripleA release ( because of a bug introduced to the TripleA engine 11 days ago (starting with .7374) and affecting casualty selection for battles in neutral territories (the kind of battle that happens all the time in Greyhawk). But that's already been fixed and the latest pre-release version of TripleA runs Greyhawk Wars just fine:

    Although I don't spend much time on this project anymore I'd love to hear specific information about other bugs. It's nice to know someone's finding enjoyment from Greyhawk Wars and I appreciate all feedback!

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