AI Difficulty Setting

  • Hello TA Players 🙂
    I tried the wiki but to no avail...What exactly does the AI difficulty mean? I've been using the "hard" setting and it seems as if the AI gets "extra" units...???

  • Admin

    @darius The AI doesn't receive any extra units or bonuses unless you explicitly set them in the game options. "Hard AI" is just the best AI that has been written and "Fast AI" is very similar but not quite as good. If you have some example where it receives extra units then please upload your save game.

  • Sorry...I am referring to the map Big World 1942 (original version)...Thanks!

  • @darius Hi Darius
    some more AI info here

    [link text](

    The AI might need it's own zone : )

  • @redrum ...Thank you for your reply. I will do a count next game and see if there are actual added units...It seems so because all Allied countries always seem to have an inordinate number of units after several rounds...but I will verify 😉

  • @beelee Thank you for your reply, Beelee. I checked out the link/thread and it seems that the AI cannot add extra "cheat" will follow the advice of Admin Redrum (above) and do an actual count next game and upload my saved game if there are any additional units--if I can figure out how to have been using forums once in a while since the 90's but still not savvy...ha! It just seems that when I am playing Axis against the Allies, Russia always seems to have too many infantry, artillery and tanks and and the US has Way too many fighters... Anyhow, thanks again and good gaming to you! 😃