TWW 2.8 starting National Tech Advantages

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  • while I agree that improved destroyers is a powerful tech for Japan, we should consider that logistics and production for Russia/US are too. On the other side imp AT for Germany and imp gun laying for Italy are nowhere that powerful.
    Long story short, I think we should keep the tech. Especially as it would really cause some serious rebalancing issues if we change.

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    @wirkey Yup. This was just as an idea. Get the temperature of the player community as it were.

    But yes you are correct. The current techs have been designed with game balance in mind. So any changes would have an affect on the game start and require further thought regarding initial balance.

  • I would say that the problem with improved DD is that is shuts down naval warfare hard in the pacific for the allies. That is why I think it is detrimental.

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