Favorite Playlists & Songs while Vanquishing foes

  • It's my 8 week updated war/gaming Youtube pick!

    Mr. Roboto by Styx;


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    @Captain-Crunch speaking of Styx

    link text

    although i never found this to be conducive to game play as I keep forgetting what i was gonna do : )

    On a side note, my buddy went to high school in Chicago with those guys. Said they were a bunch of ... well he didn't care for them anyway : ) Then again, he was a person of strong opinions, which most didn't agree with.

    We used to play risk and he always said it was a good thing he wasn't a dictator because too many people would die lol

    Sorry for going off topic : )


  • @beelee hehe ya I post at Sportsnet as Mr DCherryjr and I wanted to tell them about Adam Levine whos playing the Superbowl that Levine once told a girl he doesn't give autographs to ugly chicks ... but I didnt post this because I want people to still enjoy the whole Superbowl but I'm not a fan of his ... anyways too bad to hear some Styx guys are jerks but this vid was a pick out of the older vault and thanks for your vid also