Noob with questions!

  • I just discovered this game yesterday! Fantastic!

    I've been reading the rules and would like to know how hard it would be to edit? I'd like to use the whole world map and shove the time back to at least 1936.

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    Welcome aboard the SS Triple A.

    Editing Games is a fairly in-depth process. Moving a game back to 1936 would be, what I would consider probably one of the most complicated endeavours in map making if you are trying to make an accurate depiction.

    If you look for Roger Coopers Axis & Allies Wiki it has lots of general information on Triple A and how it operates. Good place to start your journey.

  • @hepps: "if you are trying to make an accurate depiction."--How off would it be? (I'm only up to page 12 in the rules!)

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    @djconklin Well I mean there are all kinds of things that would need to be considered if you are pushing back the date...

    1. Which base map would offer enough detail to accommodate some of the many territorial differences to any map with a much later staring date...

    2. How do you deal with all of the European nations? Are they all independent nations?

    3. How do you deals with the political relationships of nations so far in advance of the real start to the second world war?

    4. How are you going to define the economic situation for all nations? Do countries just collect their full PU from 1936 on even if they are not at war?

    5. How do you deal with nations positioning of units? Will it just be an A-historic alternate timeline starting from 36?

    Just a lot to think about.... not saying it's not possible... just saying there would be a great deal of things to consider and then formulate a design around.

  • I'm a month behind on this topic/subject, but I am curious as to how it's proceeding; as, I too, have often thought of taking on just such a project.

    For the moment, though, I'm content with simply tweeking my copy of the Tutorial. That in and of itself is proving to be quite an experience; but, the learning curve is improving.

    Just saying.

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