World at war variant - v.1.7.5

  • I would like to ask you to upload the file of the link shown below in the repository site map for download it directly from the game engine.

    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards.

  • Hi Mario,

    I love these variants. A real improvement over the original WAW (which itself is really good). A couple of issues though. WIth the "Fuel" and "XXX" variants. I am having random issues with combat movement. For example, it is possible to load artillery onto transports but they will not unload under any circumstances (neither in combat or non combat moves). Also the AI only seems to purchase a never ending amount of "trains" and ground transport... no troops. Let me know if you need more details or saved game files. Thanks!

  • Admin

    @swampy The AI doesn't fully handle all the various features of the WaW variant maps around things such as land transports and fuel. If you have save games that should certain issues those would be helpful. Also if you like WaW variants, you may want to try Total World War as it uses many advanced features as well.

  • @redrum
    Hi Redrum,

    I understand the limitations of the AI. I hope there will be (at some point) an effort to further improve. Wish I could help directly, but have no java skills. If there were a defined effort, I would be happy to provide some financial backing. At any rate, I have attached a save game that demonstrates the issue. The transport in sz122 has an artillery that cannot be unloaded in combat phase. Also, I can't seem to unload it in either combat or non-combat next turn. I have seen a similar problem with bombers that cannot go attack enemy territories during combat phase and also can't seem to land in some territories. I cannot immediately reproduce this. 0_1512996821058_Transport Bug WAW Fuel.tsvg

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