Help with simply editing a map/game to allow different country play order.

  • Hi! I am a complete noob to TripleA editing. I simply want to change the order of country play in a Classic game so that it goes Ger, Rus, UK, Japan, US. This will allow me to play an alternative setup of the classic boardgame that my old gaming group enjoyed for years. I am not trying to create a new map or edit pieces. Just a simple order of play change to an existing game/map. Thanks!

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    @vlad If you have down loaded the map, it will appear in your downloaded maps folder as a zip file.... simply unzip it and move the unzipped version somewhere you can keep it separate.

    Now you can go into the folder and find the XML. It will be inside a subsequent folder labelled "Games". Open the XML with notepad (I prefer notepad++)

    At the beginning of the XML you will see a section that defines the turn order. Simply rearrange the turn order to what you want... save the XML... Then re-zip the entire map package.

    Now go back to the Downloaded Maps folder and move the unaltered original zip to somewhere else (Ie. place it in the desktop)

    Now move your altered version into the Downloaded maps folder.

    Relaunch Triple A. You should be able to play the game locally or on-line with your changes.

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    @vlad Doing as instructed will allow online play as well if you want to play your friends.

  • To all who answered, a heartfelt thank you! It took a little finigling, but in the end, it worked.

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