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  • I've copied and unpacked the Tutorial-Master to my (local) Modified_tutorial directory and have been successful in making changes to the (game) xml file (Modified_Tutorial.xml). However, I've also made changes to the file; but they are not showing up and remain unchanged when I run the game.

    Any suggestions as to what's causing this?

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    @stohrm Hard to say without more info. Can you post more detail on the changes? Or upload the file or entire zip?

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    @Stohrm Make sure your changed file is in the zipped master folder because that's the only version it looks for, and reads.

    The xml file will be read from different locations within the "triplea/downloadedmaps" , and doesn't even have to be in the zipped master folder. The game engine will use the first xml it finds that refers to the map.

    This makes it slightly easier to test your new xml changes. By not being required to zip it.

    The other files however must be in the zipped map (master) folder.

  • Yes, I discovered that it's pulling from the original Tutorial and requires that file. I'll have to figure out how to use GitHub, it would seem. Getting too late to do that today...

    So, I'll have to look into it first thing in the morning.

    But, Thanks.

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    @stohrm There is a property called mapName in the game XML file that you need to update to the name of your zip.

  • I don't have it zipped. But if that's all it takes...

    Plus, I see:
    <info name="Modified Tutorial" version="1.1"/>
    <loader javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.TripleA"/>
    <triplea minimumVersion="1.9"/>
    <diceSides value="6"/>
    But not an actual "mapName"... There's also:
    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <!DOCTYPE game SYSTEM "game.dtd">

    Prior to that. So, is there something I need to add?

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    @stohrm well either the zip name or folder name if unzipped has to match the mapName property which should be towards the bottom of the game XML.

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    @stohrm You can use the search function to find "mapName". It's usually near the end of the xml. You will need to change it to whatever your new map folder is named, assuming you renamed it to keep original intact.

    The format many folders use have "-master" appended to the folder name, that part can be omitted from the "mapName" property.

    <property name="mapName" value="big_world" editable="false"/>
    and folder would be named

  • Just did (used the search function), found it, changed it and rezipped the folder.

    Tahdah, now it's working.

    Many, many thanks.

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