ToC Semi-Finalists

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    Pasting this here from the WarClub since I'm not understanding if everything in the WarClub is going to just disappear or what (if something like this record is already here or wherever, feel free to delete this topic or whatever).
    If wanted, moderators can keep updating this post, with the ToC events held in this forum. In this case, don't forget to update the following date too.
    A warning: the latest ToC held in the WarClub would be ToC-Revised-10, ToC-Anniversary-02 and ToC-NWO-04. The referring accounts are in the WarClub, not this forum, so I suppose you cannot assume people having the same names in this forum being the users therein listed.

    Updated (2017/04/13) list of ToC semi-finalists per tournament:


    First: Incy
    Second: bayder
    Semifinalists: Jeffouner, Serghis

    First: Serghis
    Second: Horemheb
    Semifinalists: epinikion, bayder

    First: Serghis
    Second: bayder
    Semifinalists: baxter, polarole

    First: Bas
    Second: baxter
    Semifinalists: epinikion, bayder

    First: bayder
    Second: baxter
    Semifinalists: epinikion, nopainnogain

    First: polarole
    Second: baxter
    Semifinalists: bayder, salta

    First: bayder
    Second: Undine
    Semifinalists: hammond, Straha

    First: bayder
    Second: CmdData
    Semifinalists: hammond, Straha

    First: epinikion
    Second: bayder
    Semifinalists: nopainnogain, hammond

    First: epinikion
    Second: polarole
    Semifinalists: cgkdesign, Gonz


    First: yamamot0
    Second: epinikion
    Semifinalists: bas, thomaha

    First: onkel
    Second: Blasherke
    Semifinalists: Jazzy, Deltium


    First: ErnieBommel
    Second: odesa
    Semifinalists: ice, warmonger2

    First: Ajmdemen
    Second: kesselring
    Semifinalists: guerrilla_J, ice

    First: Ajmdemen
    Second: epinikion
    Semifinalists: kesselring, ice

    First: ice
    Second: epinikion
    Semifinalists: Ajmdemen, El-Alemein

    In listing the semifinalists, it is to be listed the 3rd one first, then the 4th one second; if lacking a proper 3rd place, just firstly list the one that was definitively eliminated by the winner.
    I've decided to count Ajmdemen as 3rd classified for the ToC-NWO-04; that would be his position if losing all games since he disappeared. Official decision was to disqualify him for disappearing, thus upping El-Alemein to 3rd position. This would create the problem that one of lalapalooza or wintermute would be 4th place, and there's no feasible way to decide whom.

    @All Webmasters:
    All webmasters are supposed to keep updating / correcting the ToC Groups, and editing this post accordingly, in accordance with the progression of ToC events, reporting here any changes made, as replies to this Topic, within 24 hours from the first database change made.
    Only ToC held and reported primarily in this one forum ( are relevant for Groups of this one forum.

    Double Elimination ranking clarifications

    As a general explanation, I want to point out how users are to be classified in case of Double Elimination tournaments.

    In case of Double Elimination tournaments:

    • Take the 1st and the 2nd based on the very last final (the one disputed between the winner of the Winners Bracket and the winner of the Losers Bracket), not the final of the Winners Bracket.
    • The 3rd is the one that lost the last semi-final for deciding who is going to dispute the true final, that is the loser of the final of the Losers Bracket.
    • The 4th is the one that lost the penultimate match of the Losers Bracket.

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