"Total Game Report" Option - For Statistical Purpose

  • @redrum the version I downloaded doesn't have the Expected Hits or Hit Differential summary...do I need to uninstall and re-download?

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    @stucar The latest download version from the website should have this feature: http://triplea-game.org/download/

    If you aren't seeing it then please post your TripleA version.

  • @redrum that worked, thank you!

  • @Gargantua fyi its interesting that this feature you wanted is very similar to something I suggested for the AI I was calling a "Learning AI" or a file I called "TotalWinnersCapturedTerritoriesTally" that was a saved file for after a match completed that tallies the Winners (1 file for the Axis and 1 file for the Allies ... or whatever Nations/Factions the map uses) top captured Territories after every game and would then be drawn upon and used at the start of the next game for the AI to possibly follow and repeat its path to victory that it did the previous wins!

    Make sense? I know the AI devs have a huge list of things to do first but I wanted to throw my idea at yous and mention it again and perhaps there is potentially another layer of improvement to eventually add to the AI?

    All fun!

  • @redrum has anyone also considered a statistic for the differential between the expected outcome of a battle compared to the actual result? I have found the Hit Differential additions that you made to be very helpful, but I feel like it doesn't tell the whole story. Is there an easy way to do the same calculation that would be written into the Battle Calculator and then compare the expected units remaining (for each side) to what actually happened in the battle?

    For example, if I am attacking Ukraine and I get zero hits when I should have gotten 6, then six of my opponents infantry (let's assume it's a large battle) will continue to roll and get hits for a couple more rounds than they should have. They might score another three or four hits against me even if they were rolling at average, but the Hit Differential that is currently being used will only reflect the -6 from the first round of dice. I may end up trying to hold Ukraine with only 3 infantry instead of 8 or 9 (just making numbers up) that I should have finished with, but the Hit Differential for my opponent might be 0 because they rolled at average the whole time.

    I think this would be a great way to link dice statistics with their true impact on the game (unit attrition) and could really help players who are trying to get better. It would be easier to 'connect the dots' and, combined with the Battle Score calculation, to see how to properly build forces and assess risk. It could just be one line under each battle in the Turn Summary Report and it could be called the Battle Variance or whatever.


    Something like that...

  • @stucar so I can understand better what you would like ... are you asking for

    A: a line/axiom that shows there was an error in the Checksum random number generator

    or B: just an extra program line to show where there was a statistical advantage for a group of units in a battle to help show the new player what the better group of units to use for a battle looks like?

    Just wondered thanks

  • @captain-crunch No, I'm just asking for an additional line at the end of each battle, showing the +/- for each nation compared to what the average result would have been in the Battle Calculator (the one that rolls 200 times and gives you a preview of expected results). Then maybe there could be a sum of these results next to the Hit Differential at the bottom of each turn summary.

    Does that make sense?

  • @stucar um sounds like its the B option ... I only asked because I wondered if you thought the Battle Calculator made errors - I have no idea how random number generators work so I asked my question

    So ya it sounds like your idea would help teach the newer players what selection of items works better in battle although it seems like a real nerdy way of doing it but it does sound like a good idea and thanks for the reply!.

  • @captain-crunch No issues with the Battle Calculator...in fact, that's what I'm trying to add. It would be great to see a line at the end of each battle that would compare the amount of hits (or units remaining) compared to what the Battle Calculator predicted. I always use it before I decide to have a battle, but when my opponents play a turn I can't go back and see whether I did better/worse than I should have...

  • @stucar I shouldn't speak for the dev redrum but it sounds like something that you will have to wait for to be done (if its a yes) since I know there's a lot of other things they are doing first but I like your idea

  • @captain-crunch @redrum Yes, I totally understand. I'm sure there is a list a mile long.

    I was hoping it wouldn't be too hard since all the coding is already written for the Battle Calculator, but I still love the game the way it is!

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