An early TripleA History (from SVN / SourceCode / WebPage?)

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    Good question even where this text came from. TripleA has been hosting it for some time. Here it is:

    "TripleA was started in Oct 2001 by an unemployed Sean Bridges looking for a way to build up his resume after the end of the tech bubble. Using the 0.1 release as a demo in a job interview, Sean was soon employed.

    Sean working full time dramatically slowed the progress of TripleA for a long time. Numerous people made contributions to the project, including both DMA02 and IronCross from a very early stage, but with Sean doing most of the development, and with the limited early graphics, the project did not improve dramatically.

    TripleA would have continued on this slow trajectory, but two events occurring relatively closely revitalized the project. The first was the contribution by Logan of new graphics, giving the game a better look and feel. The second event was the release of the revised map and rules. With no competing real time game, interest in TripleA increased.

    TripleA 0.3.1 was one of the first versions that was really playable in networked mode. Since then, TripleA gained a very active online player base."

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