Triplea crashing bug with alt-tabbing that affects the screen

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    first off, it's too hard to file bug reports, I don' wanna have to make a whole github account just to file bug reports, so i'm posting here. I hate the proliferation of account needs for everything.

    Triplea is persistently crashing if I alt-tab into Civ V. i'm usin version .8304; though it also happened with a slightly older version .76xx? or so. it's happened several tiems and it's now very clear that the problem has to do with video as the screen adjusts when alt-tabbing into Civ V. Civ V itslef is fine; it's only triplea that crashes. it can happen etiher while being in a game, or from the lobby.

    so basically; I have Civ V open; alt-tab out of it. open triplea, then alt-tab back into Civ V, and triplea crashes.
    it doesn't seem to always crash, and i'm not sure why, but the proximate cause is definitely Civ V and alt-tabbing.

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    @all I got him to turn the console back on so he can get an error message.

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    finally got the bug to happen again; and the console appears to have been auto-closed by the system because of java failing or something; at any rate, it closes the console window so there's no info to glean from it on why it crashes.
    it looks like the entire application crashes; it's not like the bugs that triplea itslef catches (like if you load a bad map or something).
    my java should be up to date, or very close to it; it can't be that old at any rate.

    PS I checked and I am running the most up to date version of java.

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    @zlefin If you're using 7621 or later, you can run TripleA from a Command Prompt and have all the console logs output to that window:

    1. Open a new Command Prompt window, e.g. via the UI or press Windows+R to bring up the Run dialog and enter cmd.
    2. Change to the directory where you installed TripleA, e.g. cd "C:\Program Files\TripleA_1.".
    3. Start TripleA using the following command: TripleA.exe -console.

    Then all the output that normally goes to the console will be duplicated in your Command Prompt window and should survive after TripleA crashes.

    If there's a lot of output, you may have to change the screen buffer size. You can do this by right-clicking the title bar of the Command Prompt window and selecting Properties. When the Properties dialog appears, select the Layout tab. In the Screen Buffer Size group, change Height to a large number like 1,000 or even 10,000.

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