Add an Optional Turn Timer to Lobby Games

  • What I'm asking is for a variable timer to be added for every phase. This is the same as adding any feature the players request. The players can then give feedback as to what works and what doesn't. I'm not playing this game much if at all until there is a timer to prevent players from stalling or afk'ing to duck out of the game and then changing their name to avoid the loss. As players have stated, AA had a timer feature in the past, but it didn't make it to triplea for some reason.

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    The purchase planner and move planner sounds intriguing . How would they work?

    Purchase would let you open a purchase screen when it is not your turn, select a nation and click 'save' button. Then when it's your turn there would be a 'load' button that would become available to load the saved purchase.

    Move planner would be a bit similar but the game would be in an edit mode for combat and noncombat moves, click save and then load during your turn.

    What I'm asking is for a variable timer to be added for every phase.

    Makes sense. Game loss I suspect is the only real consequence that can be enforced. Eg: "I have no PUs left to give". There certainly are different styles of game play, timer is good way to enforce and set an expectation.

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    @lafayette You should make a feature request for the planners.

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    Some more thoughts on timer.

    In addition to the other ideas.

    Would be cool to have count down timer which can be set with any time and which should be custom to map itself after thorough testing. And then the players can use as much time as they like per turn, and on a as needed basis. But will need to adjust their game speed somewhere else to make up for time. Pretty much like they use in chess tournaments. So in early game all moves should be made as quickly as possible to save time for later more complex moves.

    "A chess clock consists of two adjacent clocks with buttons to stop one clock while starting the other, so that the two clocks never run simultaneously. Chess clocks are used in chess and other two-player games where the players move in turn. The purpose is to keep track of the total time each player takes for his or her own moves, and ensure that neither player overly delays the game."

    If we had this we can experiment with how our tournaments are played. Since a game with or without a official time limit require two very different strategies. We could try a simple scoring system as well.

    "Each win is worth three points, while a draw is only worth one, and losses are still worth zero. The major difference in this scoring system is that players who score a win and a loss are ranked above those who have scored two draws (three points vs. two), so fighting play is encouraged."

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    @general_zod Good recommendation. I've seen in for example online go timers that add a fixed amount per turn. The idea being there is that you can extend a long running game and not be forced to end the game in say round 3 or 4 because both players are low on time.

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