Alternate 'roll for tech' rules

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    In one version of A&A, I believe it was the Anniversary Edition, you had the ability to get a token if your roll for tech failed. In future rolls for tech, you could redeem the token for an extra die roll until you finally made a breakthrough.
    I believe that you also had to allocate your tech rolls to either land or sea research.

    Is this rule set available in TripleA? Are there any of the downloadable maps that include this rule set? I am not sure what I am looking for in the map descriptions to find this rule set.

    Thanks in advance


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    @mrjamesemcbride all the v3 maps use this rule set if you turn tech on. WWllv341 is our version of AA50 Anniversary. glhf 🙂

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    The property that controls tech token removal listed below.

    "Remove All Tech Tokens At End Of Turn" value="false"

    Many maps either have it as optional in game setup or preset to false. Which means you keep tech tokens if you miss.

    Although a few maps still play old school rules, where if you miss your roll, your token gets taken away.

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