Revised Tournament of Champions, Season 12 (ToC 12)

  • Ingcameroni (axis+9) wins against Eboy82 after a long well-balanced game. UK very unlucky the first round.. and for all the game the allies didn't recover this downside! at the end... Mosca was taken by Japan.. and Berlin is again strong!! I attach the savegame..... tnks for the game Eboy82.. very good player!!! 0_1522176763264_eboy_last.tsvg

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    Hi - just a gentle reminder to post your results and the last game file here. It is OK to write to me as well, but I would prefer to keep everything here in the main forum page.

    Thanks, Deltium

  • Panpal (axis+9) wins against Ajmdemen after a long well-balanced game. Axis placed the bid on Africa and with the help of Japan managed to hold Egypt until round 10, thus ensuring a high income which allowed them to build a strong air force to put pressure on the allied fleet. Japan was preoccupied mainly with helping the Germans in Egypt and trading Alaska with US and thus lost Kwantung factory to a Russia offensive in round 10. Russia had a high income throughout the game from taking Norway while keeping the majority of its asia possessions. However, the US army was stuck in Libya and Uk could only play a supportive role.Thus Germany took advantage of the Russia raid to Kwantung to stuck West Russia and then Japan withdraw from Egypt to stack Persia and apply more pressure on Russia. At this point, Ajmdemen decided to surrender. The game good have continued for many turns but he decided not to prolong it. So I would like to congratulate Ajmdemen for a challenging game, for an honourable surrender and for helping me with Pbem as it was my first time to play this way. I hope we will play again soon. 0_1523710009056_triplea_Jap11.tsvg

  • bayder (Allies) defeats epinikion (Axis +10) in G14 of a pbem game. Allies had the benefit of early luck, enabling them to establish strong positions. Axis built up big stacks and constantly posed a threat on Cauc, but were unable to break through while the Allies TUV lead kept climbing. Thanks, as always, to epi for being one of the very best opponents, both in skill and sportsmanship. Game file attached:


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    Thank you Bayder for posting the game file, and I am sure that there is a reasonable possibility that you will play each other again in such an epic match.

    All - I highly encourage everyone to review the game file between these two expert players. There are some great illustrations here on the importance of economics and strategic positioning for each side.

    Cheers, Deltium

  • hammond (Allies) def. Stroid (Axis-11)
    Stroid and I go way back to "dice" games and so we agreed to settle this game in the old fashioned way and went with "dice" instead of LL. For those who don’t play dice, please read the rest at your own risk.
    Axis won the bid at 11 and acquired an inf and an extra transport in the Med. Unbeknownst to either of us, he would only have one chance to use it. Russia Rd1 was pretty normal, little less on WR, but an extra tank left on Ukr. Germany’s turn quickly yielded the first dicing of the game when 3 planes and a sub attacked the unsuspecting HMS Hood in SZ 13 and failed to score one hit while losing its sub and a plane. With the Hood still alive, it attacked Germany’s Med fleet with some air and sunk the bewildered Bismarck causing no damage to UK.
    Allies quickly decided that it was a good time to put lots of pressure on Germany afterward and found the Allies in a good position surrounding Berlin and threatening to cut off Germany’s large stack in Karelia. This is where Stroid’s master plan came into effect. Instead of retreating to EE, he went on the offensive and threatened Moscow making the Russian tanks dizzy as they spun around trying desperately to get home for a defense. With the bulk of the Allies busy surrounding Berlin, Germany forced a battle on WR drawing every Russian man, woman, and child from Moscow itself into the battle which was barely won. This maneuver now known to History as the Stroid gambit, made for a very weak Russian defense with a light mixing of Allied units facing a Japan 60+ipc turn. Knowing how Stroid treats his conquered victims, the Allies after some debate, decided to fight on. The Allies fought with its hope of taking Germany with a double tap from UK and USA, while leaving Russia to fight a spirited defense to buy time (and save the women). The final battles went very well for the good guys in that the UK nearly took Germany by itself and Japan’s dice failed the Axis at the end in its attempt to take Russia in Round 10.
    All accolades to my friend and adversary thanks for the game and good luck in the rest of the tourney.

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