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  • I've uploaded a main Invasion_USA.xml, and removed the following file:
    So now there is one map in the Invasion USA Game folder. I have given credit to:
    Author: Hobbes__
    Images: Dagon81
    Testing & Ideas: Pwnator
    In the notes, the splash screen and in the xml.
    I would like to redo the YAML. And it would be nice to move the map to 'Good' in the download map selection.


  • @wc_sumpton Why remove the other maps?

  • @rogercooper All three xml's are basically the same 'game'. The two older version, Invasion_USA_1.5.0 (4 player) and Invasion_USA-Apocalypse_1.0.1 (5 player) were very basic in their xml, and did not function well with AI play. UnderSiege_America combines both 4 and 5 player in a single xml, plus is designed to be played with the AI. So when the Invasion USA map was downloaded, there were three entries add to the Map Selection Invasion USA, Invasion USA-Apocalypse and UNDERSEIGE: America, which made the whole process confusing. Invasion_USA is just UNDERSEIGE_America renamed, and the older xml's removed for clarity.

    Hope this explains the why.


  • Invasion USA updated:
    Bombers and Helicopters movement/stacking limit reduced back to 5 (sorry @General_Zod setting them at 5 more over the 5 limit did not seem to work.)
    Militia defense reduced to 3 and is now 5/3/1 but gains 1 defense in Mountain and City territories.
    Americans placement reduced to 1 per territory but gain the ability to place units in unoccupied enemy controlled territories. (watch your back door--the Fast AI loves this)
    Some tech/reinforcements were changed to allow the Americans to place in occupied enemy controlled resource territories or occupied city (if that city contains an enemy infantry unit)

    Other minor tweeks and bug fixes.


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    @wc_sumpton I'm ok with the concept of limits for territories. Just the movement validation is problematic. But once aware of it , can work around it.

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