AA revised - possible upgrades

    1. Bombardment should not be able to target air units by the original rules, but it can in game.

    2. Transports should be able to move in combat phase and move again in noncombat if they have not unloaded and they have movement left, but they cannot.

    3. The economic situation could be made more centrally visible, instead of in a hidden menu. I also think it would be convenient if there was a box displaying the items purchased in the turn that's happening (separate from the history) - maybe this could be the same box. EG. a color coded and flagged list of the 5 nations, which highlights the nation moving during the turn and a small box shows what was purchased by the highlighted nation.

    4. For competitive play: a rating system, clocks, and required permissions for edits would be good. Maybe have a box: rated or unrated game like with chess.

    5. In the lobby there are often many "dead" games, with 0 players "waiting". If those got cleared away it would be helpful.

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    @louisxivxiv it would help if you specified which map you are reffering to...since revised is the most played map in the lobby. I don't recall bombard ever hitting air units unless they were abandoned

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    @louisxivxiv so basically all the empty bots waiting for players should be removed? less clutter?
    so when you cant host you have no where to play?

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    @prastle if you would like to program clocks np
    join the mod/ dev team please start programing

  • @prastle The World War II Revised map (does that answer your question?) On your second question, in my most recent game, my opponent selected his bomber as casualty for a bombardment, which isn't allowed. I just went back and checked the history to confirm that that's what happened. It's not the end of the world since there's communicating and editing, but it is a glitch.

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    @louisxivxiv point is simple
    this isn't GOT
    if ya want GOT
    come help

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    @prastle sorry should have said GTO

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    @prastle I think these are fair suggestions. Obviously the last one would entail a completely different "bot" model but the rest are fair points though most minor IMO.

  • @prastle Yeah, I wondered about that after I mentioned - So you need 1 of each game open at all times? But then the rest still could be cleared, no?

    Anyway, you seem defensive or something. I'm just making observations about things I think would improve the experience. They're not complaints. Isn't that the purpose of this section? And yes, a lot of that is borrowing things GTO had, cause that's what is most obvious to me. If it can't be done, no worries.

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    @louisxivxiv sorry if I came off defensive. I have just listened to these same issues for a very long time now. Sadly they are not easy to implement and we need more developers. They are very difficult to find as volunteers. Yes all your items have been on the wish list by many for a long time now. Welcome aboard.

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    @LouisXIVXIV - first, I want to say hello, as I remember you well at GTO, where you famously defeated bmaster in the Finals of the Revised tournament that I hosted over there, and in one of the most interesting Revised games that I have seen. As Prastle correctly pointed out, we run a pure-volunteer operation over here, and do not charge our members like we did at GTO to play any of the games, or monthly access as well. All of our developers do so on the personal time, and while we have some good ones, they are naturally constrained, and the "wish list" gets bigger and bigger, while we do our best to simply keep up with the main themes that we are working on. However, all of your points are good ones, and we shall continue to advance on those, over time.

    On a separate note, we hope to see you in one of the Revised tournaments that I host periodically, so please keep an eye on the Forum page in the future. We currently have Tournament of Champions 12 running, but would expect ToC13 to launch in several months time. In the interim, you can continue to play live online, or I'd be happy to challenge you to a PBEM game if you are keen !

    @Prastle and all - we were all quite spoiled at GTO with an interface there that was quite stable and robust, along with a deep community of players. LouisXIVXIV was clearly one of the very best Revised players, and he is most certainly welcome at TripleA !

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    Just a reminder I do have a new map for revised. :) I wish I had it ready for your tournament.



    Suggestions welcome. Also proofing my territories borders for accuracy of connections is welcome.

  • @deltium said in AA revised - possible upgrades:

    • we were all quite spoiled at GTO with an interface there that was quite stable and robust, along with a deep community of players. LouisXIVXIV was clearly one of the very best Revised players, and he is most certainly welcome at TripleA !

    Thanks Deltium!! I'll play in tourney 13 - are all the tourneys low luck? Also, happy to play you in a pbem.

    @prastle I understand - it's all good. Thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately, I am not a programmer. Though I do want to add one more item (for the big list or whatever) :)

    1. During bombing raids when many bombers are present the total ipc damage is capped at the territory value -- instead the total damage PER die should be capped at the territory value. So, for example, 100 bmrs would reduce a nation's ipc reserve to 0.

    Thanks to all the admins for all the feedback.

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    @louisxivxiv I believe that is how it already works or should work unless their is a bug. Limitation is per bomber not for total of all bombers.

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