Stealth bomber and other weirdness in new version

  • I played a few games of TripleA about a year ago and really enjoyed it. I moved on to other things but left the game installed, and today I felt like playing it again. I fire it up, only to find that things don't look the way I remember them. Some of the small changes to the unit models I could deal with, but why is the American bomber represented by a very modern Stealth aircraft? Why are there natural resource icons in seemingly random places strewn about the map? (Agriculture and oil don't come into play in Axis & Allies, last I checked.) And what's that random chunk of land in the sea zone above Canada and Britain? I don't know what's going on, but this is not how things looked when I played it before. Can someone explain how to get it back to the way it used to be?


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    @rookiebatman Need to know a few things...

    What engine are you running on.

    What map did you download.

  • @hepps It says the engine version is I'm currently installing to see if that will be back to how I remember it. The map is "World War II Classic," it should be a very vanilla Axis & Allies map.

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    @rookiebatman Did you just update the engine?

  • @hepps I just opened the program for the first time in a long time, but I didn't think I did anything to update it. The only that might have been that (as far as things I actually did) was, when it opened, it said "these maps have updates: Tutorial," and I clicked the button to permit those changes. But this isn't the Tutorial map, and the weird graphics are in the main assets folder, so it doesn't seem like that could've been what did it. It must have updated by itself somehow.

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    @hepps the most current stable engine is It can be downloaded at the Web site.

    If you install the new engine it should work fine for you.

  • @rookiebatman LOL that is weird. Long ago did you try Invasion USA. The icon and units come from that map. It seems as if the two files were merged, decorations.txt, and the misc folder and some units form the units forlder. Removing and reinstalling the classic map after updating the engine should take care of the merge problem.


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    @wc_sumpton Haha. What did you do 😉 But in a all seriousness, yeah strange mix. His engine is loading incorrectly for sure.

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    @rookiebatman You must have installed some strange mod that kept the same info name as WWII Classic, and forgot about it. There is really no other explanation.
    I have to say I found this funny.

    If you don't have anything that you want to keep, my suggestion is deleting your "downloadedMaps" folder (in your TripleA user folder) and restarting fresh.

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    @rookiebatman On the other hand, if you haven't installed anything manually, then this means that in the repository there is a game with the same info name as Classic, that may take precedence over it. If it is so, that mod (likely) should be deleted or renamed otherwise. First place to look would be in the Classic variants.

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