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  • idk how these work really. They provide a way for people to host games that otherwise couldn't, is my understanding. Which is cool.

    However, it seems as if sometimes there are too many. For example:

    0_1520486630324_Screenshot from 2018-03-07 23-15-21.png

    I like to be able to see all the games and players without scrolling and still be able to see the chat. When there's so many players I don't mind because that means there are a lot of people on. Which is good 🙂

    But it seems that sometimes it's "bot heavy" and I can hardly fit all the games without scrolling. I assume private games impact the number of games shown but those are usually half a dozen at most.

    Anyway, not a big deal, just a thought. I think @prastle probably knows how this all works ?

  • Admin

    @beelee Best thing to do is double click on the "Status" or "Players" column headings to sort so you see either just in progress games or the games with players in them at the top.

  • @redrum sweet! never knew that 🙂 TY

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