1939 game using Global 1940 setup

  • We have created a setup using the 1940 Global game as a base map. We however are not coders and would need some help to create an engine. We also have some House Rules that we think would be fun.

    If anyone is interested in helping us make this a reality we would be indebted to you. Possibly name a child or pet in your honor!

  • Admin

    @seancb It would probably be good to describe the major changes that you've made to the rules. As folks would need to know if its primarily just a map mod or if there are actual engine enhancements that would be needed. Also if you have a following of players that have tried it that is good to know as well.

  • @seancb sounds good

    as redrum says, need more info : )

    Rock on heppster image

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