Block unit placement on contested territory

  • Hello,
    I'm toying around with 1round land battles, and I think I remember seeing an option to block unit placement on a territory in battle

    For example, a contested territory with a factory can't place units until the battle is resolved

    But I might be remembering wrong, is there such an option?


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    @kao I'm not sure. Try with property name="Unit Placement In Enemy Seas" value="false". It might apply to whatever territories.
    Anyways; no, there is not a specific option I know of.

  • @kao
    There are two properties that I know of that deal with contested territories:

     <!-- Any territory that contains enemy units will not produce any income or resources -->
     <property name="Contested Territories Produce No Income" value="false" editable="false">
     <!-- Any territory abandoned may be taken over by the remaining units on the same turn it was abandoned on. Also includes if a territory is attacked and both all the attackers and all defenders die, then any other player with combat units will take over the territory. -->
    <property name="Abandoned Territories May Be Taken Over Immediately" value="false" editable="false">

    I left the POS2 comments in so that you may read what is stated about these properties.

    As directly affecting factory production, the first property might help, but I don't see anything the directly relates to a factory in a contested territory.

    Hope this helps.


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    @wc_sumpton I kinda forget now what happens in Age of Tribes for factory production in contested ter. But I believe it stops working there as well. Perhaps look at the Age of Tribes xml as well @Kao

  • Hi everyone, I will try the suggestions


  • Admin

    Yeah, Age of Tribes and Civil War are the most popular maps I know that have limited battle rounds. So they are probably the best references.

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