Selectable alliances?

  • The alliance button on the game start panel looks like a button but does nothing when clicked.

    It there an option of having selectable alliances somewhere?

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    @mahks which map?

  • @mahks
    The 'Alliance' button on the player menu sets all like alliances to the same selected 'Type' setting. ie.. Setting the 'German' player to 'AI Hard' then hitting the 'Axis' alliance button will set all the 'Axis' players to 'AI Hard'.

    So that button does not change the Alliance of a Player, but set all "Like Alliances" to the same "Type".

    Hope this helps


  • @prastle All maps I have seen.

    @wc_sumpton I think you mean the "Set All to" button,
    I refer to those buttons to the right of the type button in each player row. (under the caption "Alliance")

    They get set with '<alliance player="Japanese" alliance="Axis"/>' .
    I tried using a list, ie; '<alliance player="Japanese" alliance="Axis:Allied"/>', but did not work.

    They look like buttons and react like buttons, but no action results.

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    @wc_sumpton Sorry I never use ai good stuff!

  • My question is not about AI.

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    @mahks Clicking on the "Alliance" button, sets all other players in that alliance to the same type of player (AI, human, etc) as that row is currently set to. So if for example, on revised you set Russia to Fast AI then click the Allies alliance button in that row then it'll set the other Allies (UK, USA) to Fast AI as well. It just a subset of functionality from the Set All to button for just each alliance members.

  • @redrum Ah! I see now... Thanks!

    So what I was thinking of, was a map with 12 players, but wanted to be able to dynamically switch which players were in which alliance.

    ie; only 3 people want to play, so then you set 3 alliances of 4 nations.
    or 4 people want to play, so 4 alliances of 3 nations.

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    @redrum As I said when this (handy) feature was done, this will be a neverending question, as one would think clicking on Alliance would change something abouth the Alliances, not about player Type, and people don't always read the tooltips. Anyways, a minor matter, as we can just keep telling them to read the tooltips. So, again, not saying I'm against this feature, but I saw this one topic, we are in, coming, and said it.

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    @mahks While relationships can be changed, so what you would want can somewhat be hacked into (but it would be a quite massive and complex amount of coding, if there are many players and alliances combinations, as you would need having 1 custom option for each possible alliance combination, as only boolean is supported for conditions checking for properties setting, or you would have a "is alliance 1" to "is alliance 6" true/false option for each player, and an enormous amount of conditions and triggers to turn them into actual relationships), you are not supposed to do it.
    Albeit all relationships are defined with the same named options, and their initialize list, the basic alliances, you can see in the "Stats" tab, cannot be changed by triggers or anything. Consequently, the only proper way (and how it has always been done) to have different alliances for a same game, is making as many games as the alternatives are.
    In your case, the only way you can do what you want, properly, is to have many different games, in your "games" folder; namely:
    as many games as all the possible combinations of 2 aliances of 6 players each,
    plus as many games as all the possible combinations of 3 alliances of 4 players each,
    plus as many games as all the possible combinations of 4 alliances of 3 players each,
    plus as many games as all the possible combinations of 6 alliances of 2 players each,
    plus one game (12 alliances of 1 player each (FFA)).
    I didn't make the math, but you would have 1 map offering I guess around a thousand games (or at least surely several hundreds), if I didn't miss something you want, meaning you would need having several hundreds of different xml inside your games folder, or whatever the actualy math of all the possible combinations is.

    Long way to say that what you want to do is virtually impossible (but it is theorically possible), sorry.

  • @cernel OK, Thanks.

    I am not up to speed on all the attachments yet, but I see now how that could lead to over complexity.

    I have a plan on how to learn all this, its just taking longer than I expected...

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    @mahks It would be feasible if you just make 5 games, for the same map, picking 1 combination only for each of:
    2 aliances of 6 players each,
    3 alliances of 4 players each,
    4 alliances of 3 players each,
    6 alliances of 2 players each,
    12 alliances of 1 player each (FFA).

    Tho, I personally suggest to focus on 1 single game per map, having that as the "main" game, end eventually thinking about adding more games to the same map only after the main one is fairly stable (like in the case of WW2v3, where you have the main 1941, and also the secondary 1942).
    Unless the game is purely abstract (not sure if this is the case here?), it feels strange if the alliances can go all a series of multiple ways.

  • @cernel said "it feels strange if the alliances can go all a series of multiple ways."

    I was thinking of a geometrical map of hexes.

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    I may have an alternate method. Make each player in their own alliance (essentially ffa), and within the game allow players to make alliances via normal diplomacy. You can place all the diplomacy phases for each player all at very beginning of game and in series, set them to run only once for whole game. Then all the normal phases after that. Exactly how bid phases are placed.

    You can expand from this method if you want more flexibility.

  • @general_zod That sounds like it is the answer, thanks! Will investigate...

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