Directive 3: Creating a seperate phase for repairing multi hit units

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    The idea is to create a new phase within each player turn to allow for repairing multi hit units where you can set a charge for the repairs.

    The idea would be to use the existing Bombing repair mechanics as the basis for the design and functionality of the new phase.

    The window would auto populate with the available units which are eligible for repairs by a given player.

    Something like this.

    0_1523414322882_Directive 3.png

    The idea being that as long as a damaged unit is in a Terr. or in a SZ. adjacent to the facility required for repair... they automatically are included in the window. (Same as bombable units)

    Additionally Allied units should be available ON THEIR OWN REPAIR PHASE when they are in a terr. or in a SZ. where the required facility of an Ally is present... ie. A damaged American BB would be repairable on the American turn while it is in the SZ adjacent to London.

    The cost for repairs should be settable by the map maker.

    This would be a huge improvement to the mechanic for games that are striving for more realism and would compliment both the existing and new damagable unit properties.

  • Really liking the look of this. This is a good request, though I will add that it might be better, instead of making a new delegate/step/phase, to have this feature switched on by a property ("Cost for Multiple Hit Repairs" or something similar), and fire the normal way, in whatever step has the "repairUnits" property (default is start of combat as per POS2). From an XML standpoint, I believe this will introduce the least change and complexity, though I am willing to be corrected.

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    @theredbaron While that may be the simplest idea... I think it is far better to let the player determine if and when he wants to repair units in the same way it is done with bombing damage.

    If I am in desperate need of certain unit purchases in a given round, it would be a serious blow to automatically loose a bunch of PU to an automatic repair when the damaged units in question might not be under an immediate threat. This would be compounded by the fact that in order to not have the PU automatically come off you might be forced to have to leave your damaged ship in a different SZ where it might be subject to destruction. For example you might be defending a coast against an attack... and you can place and move a bunch of units into a SZ next to a factory. With the damaged unit there. But then you have to leave you aircraft Carrier in a different SZ because otherwise you will automatically be charged for the repair and it then deprives you of being able to purchase the one Cruiser that would allow you to save the entire fleet. This would lead to you probably loosing both the fleet and the damaged unit you had to leave in an unprotected SZ.

  • @Hepps I think you misunderstood my intention. I 100% agree that there should be a feature just like you had proposed to decide when and where to repair. My input was only about the implementation in the XML. From your suggestion, it sounded like you wanted to determine the timing of repair as its own step. My suggestion was to keep it as a stepProperty, which would allow the most flexibility—over having it as a step.

    This would allow for the least change to the current XML standard while achieving the same result. My suggestion is a technical, not a substantive change, hopefully for the benefit of developers trying to implement this feature.

    I hope that clears things up.

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    @theredbaron I did misunderstand, Thanks for the explanation to clarify.

  • Hi all,

    read this topic and I have a similar idea for my game. So the question is:

    Has anyone already written some code lines in a xml that worked?

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