Terms: Produced - Resolved -

    • Placed
    • Built
    • Produced

    Built is used to refer to both placing and producing.

    I propose removing all use of built and only use the other two.

  • No disagreements? will change soon otherwise...

  • Admin

    @mahks Generally, we should probably stick to "purchased" and "placed" for their respective phases. And then there is the concept of "creates" or "produces" or "generates" when a unit uses for example the option of "createsUnitsList" or "createsResourcesList".

    I don't think built should really be used anywhere and should be replaced. The only issue is there is one unit option "maxBuiltPerPlayer" that has "built" in the name 😕 But all the other references should be replaced by either "purchased", "placed", or "creates/produces/generates".

  • @redrum I like purchased better too...

    But there are a lot of hard references to 'produce':

    • retainCapitalProduceNumber
    • Produce fighters on carriers
    • Produce new fighters on old carriers
    • Production Per Valued Territory Restricted
    • Production Per X Territories Restricted
    • production (rule)
    • production (value)
    • productionFrontier
    • productionOnly
    • productionRule

    Whereas the only hard 'purchase' references are in delegates:

    • NoPUPurchaseDelegate
    • PurchaseDelegate
    • BidPurchaseDelegate

    Maybe it is a non-issue and use both?
    'Built' was the real problem.

  • Moderators


    As purchase, produce and production references go. I would refer to them in same existing way. Anything else would not be accurate imo.

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