Renaming a tech - Resolved -

  • destroyersCanBombard is an example in POS2 of a renamed tech (destroyerBombard).

    It is unclear why you would rename a tech.

    Is it just for display to the player in game?
    or is there some other thing I don't yet understand?

    If just for display why is the example not formatted as "Destroyers Can Bombard "?

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    I don't think this would be commonly used if at all. It does not appear to be display related though.

    Only reason I can think of using this would be to bypass some hardcoded feature of that particular tech. But that's just a guess.

  • @Mahks
    I believe this is just for display in the 'Stats' panel. I have used it to rename 'paratroopers' to 'AirTransportation' and 'mechanizedInfantry' to 'GroundTransportation'. But if you put a space in the rename then the XML errors out.


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    In this case we are referring to the specific example below from POS2.

     <!-- (destroyerBombard allows isDestroyer to bombard) this is an example of renaming a technology. the first part is the new name, the second is the old name (the hardcoded tech's name) -->
     <techname name="destroyersCanBombard" tech="destroyerBombard"/>

    The issue is it does not change it in the game display.

    EDIT: Ooops, never mind misread it, the first part is the new name. Seems a bit strange in formatting though. You are correct.

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    Yeah, my understanding is this is just for display purposes and only relevant to hard coded techs.

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