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    This thread is for discussions concerning the original Age of Tribes map(s).

    Map Description:
    This map depicts pure counterfactual history. In this version of history, the ancient tribes of Europe banded together in two large opposing alliances a long time ago. Since that time their sole purpose was to destroy the other civilization and prove their own cultural and military supremacy. But who would be the triumphing part? The Eastern Tribes or the Western Tribes?

    This map includes a tech system with a tech tree. Players can purchase technological developments, place them at bases, thereby gaining access to new and better units, while at the same time slowly outdating old units.

    The map can have a long playtime. The tech tree can be fully developed by round 85. Because of these conditions, players can choose to jump into the tribal war at a specific time in history. There are five different available versions of Age of Tribes, and they start out in different time periods and can advance from this period and up.

    Other special features of this map include primeval wildlife, barbarian tribes, advancing ages/time periods, the Black Death, nuclear attack capabilities, special long range bombardment, over 50 unit types and more.

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    AoT has just been updated to v1.0.6.

    The only change is that the XML setting "Abandoned Territories May Be Taken Over Immediately" is now set to true. This should allow attackers that attack a territory but fails to win within the limited 5 battle rounds, to get the territory instantly if they continue fighting and win in another players turn in that same round. So no more waiting for the next round and no need to walk in to the already won territory to capture it.

    This setting was set to false before, as I experienced a lot for java errors with the setting at true. But right now I can’t seem to reproduce the errors (using TripleA, so I feel it is safe to revert to the old instant capture style.

    I hope that players will post here if they experience any game breakdown java errors.

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